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CEO & Producer
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Design Director
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Production Assistant
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Anima Boutique
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WElcOMe to ThE aNimApOcalYPse.


About us

Anima Boutique is a modern production company with its roots in animation and storytelling.
Our shared passion is to breathe life into a wide variety of digital and analogue animated content.


Flow Festival 2015

This project marks our second year of collaboration with Flow Festival. This years identity was designed by Bond and brought to life by yours truly.

Director — Kalle Kotila
3D Animator — Kristian Lindén
Character Animator — Jorge Pozo
Compositor — Kristian Lindén
Production Assistant — Sanna Lindroos
Agency — BOND
Client — Flow Festival

Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo

We collaborated with designer Kustaa Saksi to create animations for new Salvatore Ferragamo eyewear and timepieces.

Directors — Kustaa Saksi & Kalle Kotila
Illustrator — Kustaa Saksi
Lead Animator — Eero Pitkänen
Animators — Heli Ellis, Jyri Pieniniemi
3D Artist — Kristian Lindén
Producer — Jari Lähteinen
Music — Eero Pitkänen
Client — Salvatore Ferragamo

Under The Sun

The Cancer Society of Finland has an important message to deliver to the youth. In our opinion, it is best delivered wrapped in 80’s cartoon craziness! Summer worker of today, protect yourself from the sun!

Animation Directors — Juuso Helander & Ville Salervo
Lead Animator — Jorge Pozo
Art Director & Designer — Ville Salervo
Character Designer — Jorge Pozo
3D Artist — JP Lyytinen
Assistant Animator — Krista Erkkilä
Title Designers — Kristian Lindén & Ville Salervo
Compositor — Jyri Pieniniemi
Production Assistant — Sanna Lindroos
Producer — Jari Lähteinen
Production Company — Teko Film
Producer — Frej Karlson
Director — Nalle Sjöblad
Music & Sound Design — El Camino Helsinki
Guitar Shreds — Mr. Fastfingers
Voice-over — Michael Majalahti
Agency — 358
Client — The Cancer Society of Finland

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